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Re-entry Guide 


Cuyahoga County Jail Coalition Reentry Guide. As we welcome our neighbors' return to the community, we want to offer a simple, easy to understand guide to re-entry. This project will be both print and online. 


Justice for All ​


We support campaigns for justice for those mistreated in the Cuyahoga County Jail, and advocate for those currently and formerly incarcerated on issues of health & safety, conditions such as food and heat, and other human rights. See our statements to get a sense of what we do to support families.


Care Not Cages 


A core belief for Jail Coalition is that we should be building a robust set of free, easy to access, non-carceral care services and housing options  for our community, as we know that jails and prisons disappear people, not problems. Find out more about the campaign here.



We understand that the county jail is just one part of the larger criminal legal system, which ensnares our community members into a complex web of agencies, city and county services, and other issues. We work in coalition with partners on bail reform and other pre-trial release, decriminalization of survival techniques, sentencing reform, and other issues.


No New Jail

Along with Black Lives Matter Cleveland and Safer Cleveland, we advocate against the costly, unneeded proposed new jail project. Check out the campaign at


Public Education


We are committed to ongoing public education on issues related to mass incarceration, decriminalization, abolition, care-based alternatives, and histories of resistance to state violence so we can place our communities' work within a long history of freedom struggle.

 Cuyahoga County 

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